Water Under Bathtub

water under bathtub re water under my tub author hytechplumber la it seems like you have three options 1 leave the tub as is for now as it will only get worse 2 have the tub refinished the home improvement centers sell tub paint kits the usually last 35 years 3 have a new tub installed this is certainly the best method, follow the simple steps below to remove the water behind your bathtub liner to gain access to the water first remove the drain shoe on the tub with a screwdriver and pliers this step can be difficult first put the handles of the pliers down inside the drain and then put the screwdriver in between the handles, if you see coloured water come out from under the tub you know your tub has a crack you may also want to take of the shower valve face plate it sits higher then the tub so if it is leaking behind the wall it will pool the water beneath the tub that should be enough to get you going


flooring repairs can be intimidating but the subfloor under the tub generally consists of plywood secured over floor joists and is fairly simple to replace once you get access to it, the water appears to be trapped under the tub when you push on the tub floor several inches from the drain you can feel that there is water trapped there there is no water that you can actually , not only do you have water between the tub and liner you also have or will have mildew i dont know how youre going to remove the water short of yanking the liner out you can give your idea a shot but i dont think its going to work and even if it does how are you going to keep the water out of there afterward

one of the most common types of leaking occurs when the mortar grout lines or the caulking between a bathtub shower and the walls develop cracks or gaps gradually water from the shower head or splashing water in the tub can infiltrate through the walls into stud cavities behind the wall surface, 0130 and having your piece of paper in there to divert any possible water 0134 into the tub to prove that 0138 the third most often source of a leak 0140 is up here 0141 at the shower neck, basically if water has gotten under the liner of the bathtub then there is a leakcrack in the liner and most likely cant be repaired properly but you can eliminate the water for now here you would simply remove unscrew the tub basket see image and push the water out from under the liner and into the drain assembly