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what kitchenaid attachment for creaming butter does one use the whip attachment or the mixing attachment i am using a kitchenaid k5a mixer, read the anyone else have trouble creaming butter and sugar in a kitchenaid discussion from the chowhound cookware baking food community join the discussion today, in your kitchenaid stand mixer pour whipping cream into mixing bowl using the wire whiskwhip attachment and splash guard if you have one begin mixing the cream start on speed 1 and work your way up to 10 you may need to hold a kitchen towel over the openings to prevent excess splashing, the flex edge does the best job on foods that tend to stick and or collect to the sides of the mixing bowl like cream cheese butter nut butters and honey use the flex edge for end products that would be described as creamy silky the flat beater works well for foods that have texture

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how to cream butter and sugar by hand or with a mixer many delicious dessert recipes ask us to cream together butter and sugar without actually describing the steps some people describe it as a fine art which i think is over stating things just a bit creaming simply means mixing your butter and, step 1 beat the butter creaming butter and sugar helps to give baked goods structure by beating air into the butter while the sugar helps to hold the air start with room temperature butter beat at a low speed for 30 seconds to get the butter creamy and whipped tip the mixing bowl paddle and butter should be at room temperature

creaming butter and sugar the right temperature the right timing the best results for your baking finally properly creamed the mixture sits up tall and has visible fluffy peaks besides looks the feel of each mixture will be different as well undercreamed and your mix will feel like wet sand or damp cornmeal overcreamed and your mix will have the feel of oil and sugar on your fingers rather like a facial scrub, amanda in the dairy kitchen shows you how to perfectly cream butter and sugar for delicious baking treats this detailed how to video includes tips on everything from the temperature of the , icecream maker the kitchenaid stand mixer can not only aid you in baking a cake but with this attachment you can make the icecream to go along side the cake the trick to using this attachment is to freeze the bowl really well over 24 hours before hooking it up to the mixer to churn the icecream, which kitchenaid mixer attachment to use for cake batter most kitchenaid mixers come with 4 attachments a flat beater a wire whip dough hook and a burnished spiral attachment deciding which kitchenaid mixer attachment to use for cake batter can sometimes be an exercise in frustration we are here to show you what some of the top bakers recommend for using attachments when baking cakes