Yacht Mast Lowering System

yacht mast lowering system how the mast raising system is attached at the bow of the boat a line from the eye strap on the tip of the macgregor pole leads to a large snap shackle that snaps around the bow rail, par yacht designerbuilder if necessary a whisker pole is used if the mast has to come way down an a frame option can offer more control the tabernacle design is key and the higher the purchase on the mast the less advantage you need to hoist and lower i have a 25 mast i raise by tackle on a 4 tall tabernacle when i launch it, anyone know where to trace this device i saw fairly recently a simple gantry device for raising lowering yacht mastsit was not the well known a frame systembut consisted of two telescopic type polesport and starboard sitting on the deck against the toe rail joined at the topthe structure was then guyed fore and aft with the top just above and close to where the spreaders are positioned

23ft Newbridge Voyager Sailing Yacht Posot Class

aframe mast raising contraption for my gloucester 20 7 valuable sailing tips for bluewater sailboatshow to stop leaks on sailboatspatrick childress 25 duration 1111 patrick childress , the system uses the upper shroud as a stay system to prevent the mast from falling over port to starboard on my boat the shroud has a natural hinge just above the turnbuckle you want to create same at about the same plane as the hinge is on this allows the mast to go up and down while being supported side to side, re mastlowering rig make a mast and ginpole with 2x4s with the mast laying on the ground and the poleend at elbow height put your foot against the heel end of the mast to keep it from sliding pull on the end of the gin pole with your hand with the hoist line running to various points on the mast

mast lowering system up to 36 feet sailing yachts mostly there are chain plates the fitting area around the mast foot has to be very stable too the mast foot itself needs a solid but turnable support our patent we bring your mast down from daysailor up to 36feetyacht, easy mast raisinglowering systems for an s80 or similar 27 foot yacht selfsailing submitted 2 years ago by robbothebloke hi all im looking for an easy and hopefully cheap way to raise and lower my mast on a 27 foot s80, mast loweringraising system sails and rigging standing and running forums sails and rigging standing and running mast loweringraising system topic rss mast loweringraising system jonathan oasis sv oasis member members april 7 2011 340 am member since april 5 2011