Cost Of Walk In Bathtubs

cost of walk in bathtubs

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walkin bathtubs basic soaker tub how much do walkin bathtubs cost from our research we have concluded the going rate for walkin tubs is between 500010000 the cost of the bathtub depends on a variety of factors like size features and installation for example if you want hydrotherapy or a quickdraining tub those additional features will drive up the cost, walkin tub prices vary from 1500 to 20000 learn how size type of tub installation and selected features can impact your total cost

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the average cost of a walkin tub will depend on the brand how you customize it the size where you buy it and the complexity of the installation if hiring a professional to install it the prices can range from 5000 to 9000 but it can be closer to 10000 to 13000 if you were to add premium options, walkin tubs can cost anywhere from just under 1000 to nearly 10000 or more see what affects walkin tub costs and what you can expect to pay, the costs of walkin tubs range between 1800 and 10000 where the most basic of these start from 1800 2500 the basic models however dont support wheelchair accessibility and rarely include therapeutic features other than that of soaking