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The Board of the Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe decided at the outset that achieving the goals of the foundation required a clear and effective strategy. EICEE sponsors educational projects that are most clearly oriented towards reinforcing social stability and advancing human development.

The most urgent educational needs of the region at the present time have been targeted by specific programs. Six programs have a primarily academic focus:

  • Arts and Sciences Program which emphasizes the importance of humanistic studies as a foundation for practical specializations.

  • Business, Ethics and Entrepreneurship Program which provides an urgent antidote to the prevailing corruption and lack of transparency in business practice.

  • Medicine and Technology Program. This program seeks to complement the advances in medicine and technology by placing them within a humanistic and ethical context.

  • Politics and Peace Initiative. In the aftermath of Soviet political dominance, the CEE region has engendered a variety of political systems and a complicated network of relationships that have already led to open conflict. This program seeks to add perspective and deliberation to the outlook of tomorrows leaders.

  • Rule of Law Program. This is the first program to be established by EICEE for reasons which speak for themselves. Without respect for law and laws worthy of respect, there can be no free and stable society.

  • Social Policy Program. The Board of EICEE saw the need for an educational program that both raises awareness of and seeks solutions to urgent social problems.

  • Summer Seminars .The Neuwaldegg Summer Seminar is the annual signature conference of the Neuwaldegg Institute.  This week-long learning experience is designed to focus the attention of participants from a variety of fields upon key ideas and concepts that are fundamental to every free society.

These academic programs are complemented by the Book Translation and Publications Program. This program addresses an urgent need for literature on the topics outlined above both in local languages and in original versions. Moreover, this program initiates and supports other forms of independent media, including newspapers and journals.

In addition, the Humanitarian Relief Program was begun with the goal of educating by action. There have been enormous tragedies that have afflicted the CEE countries, this need calls for the international and non-profit community support and humanitarian intervention. CEE wishes to cooperate with these humanitarian efforts where possible.

The goal of this program is to help local initiatives to address local hardship, building the sense of solidarity, community responsibility and philanthropy in the region.

Finally, EICEE recognizes that the various regions of Central and Eastern Europe have their own specific history, culture and actual needs. In light of current events in the Balkan region, the idea for the Balkan Initiative took shape. It is our contribution to the process of peace building and mutual understanding in the region.

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