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Mission Statement

The "Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe"
(EICEE) is a non-profit 501 (c)3, non-denominational foundation with offices in Washington (USA), Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), Macedonia, Bulgaria and Prague (Czech Republic).

EICEE's goal is to foster and strengthen free, just and democratic societies in the nations of Central and Eastern Europe.

As its name indicates, EICEE's primary field of activity is education. Each year EICEE grants hundreds of scholarships to highly-qualified students, professionals and academics to participate in events which contribute to their on-going educational and professional competence.

These take the form of conferences and seminars, as well as extended courses, at which concepts and principles are examined that have proven historically important to the establishment of free, ethical and just societies.

EICEE is also involved in the translation and publication of books, texts and monographs in topics dealing with the structures and principles of civil society. Literature which would otherwise not be available in the languages of Central and Eastern Europe.

The work of EICEE is largely carried out by it's institutes around Central and Eastern Europe.

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