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Ohrid Institute

ohrid lake
St Jovan Kaneo at Ohrid Lake

OHRID Institute is established in June 2006. The Institute is named after beautiful and ancient city of Ohrid, the cradle of culture and Macedonian civilization and a symbol of mutual trust, dialogue and understanding.

The Mission of Ohrid Institute is to provide the Macedonian public and political institutions with alternative perspectives on economic and foreign policy issues. Their work is based in the universal ideals of democracy,
individual responsibility, free markets
and entrepreneurship.
Ohrid Institute members share a common vision of the Republic of Macedonia. Their vision is to see Macedonia unleashing its creative capacities in order to develop quickly, while having the benefits of the democracy and freedom. 
Goals of Ohrid Institute:

  1. To conduct and publish research materials relevant to its work;
  2. To organize round tables and lectures;
  3. To publish and promote books from prominent authors;
  4. To lobby for free-market policies, lower taxes and more effective and efficient government
  5. To encourage networking and cooperation between other, similarly oriented institutes in the region and around the world.

In the past year, The Ohrid Institute has established itself as a non-partisan, professional think tank organization. Currently they are running the following projects:

  1. Mandate for Leadership– Reform implementation monitoring and reporting
  2. Annual Report on Macedonia’s Foreign Trade
  3. Ohrid Institute’s Review – GLOBAL, quarterly magazine  
  4. National Lecture Series
  5. Translation and publication of books and articles
  6. Public opinion surveys etc.

Advanced Research Workshop, Skopje 19 – 22 September, 2008
  Developing Conceptual and Policy Considerations on National and Regional Security Strategies in South-Eastern Europe based on a Scenario

> click here to go to the OHRID Institute Website for more information

International Conference, Ohrid, October 3-5, 2008
Macedonian Paneuropean Union
  Hotel Inex Gorica, Ohrid, Republic of Macedona

> click here to go to the OHRID Institute Website for more information

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