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Many speakers, participants and organizations have contributed to make our efforts in promoting freedom through education successful.

On the following pages you can read testimonials and feedback by some of them, including Vaclav Havel and Otto von Habsburg.

Speaker Testimonials

"If today, with reunification, Western Europeans neglect or scorn theirEastern brothers because of the situation communism created for them, then there will not be a reunification in spirit, and in the long run, European reunification will fail."

Professor Stéphane Courtois
Neuwaldegg Conference Vienna
co-author of 'The Black Book of Communism'

figel "Young people, this gathering is a sign and proof of hope. Hope is important for life, not only for individuals but also for societies. And I wish that Europe could be built up on this hope."

Dr. Jan Figel
Neuwaldegg Conference Vienna
Commissioner-Designate for Education, Training, Culture and Multilingualism of the EU

"Young people, you have a tremendous task ahead of you. It is not an easy task. Today the world is largely dominated by destructive forces. But as history shows, we always have a chance to overcome them. But there must be a will to fight, a will to fight each day. And especially to have the courage to stand by your principles."

H.I.H. Archduke Otto von Habsburg
Neuwaldegg Conference Vienna


President Vaclav Havel

Neuwaldegg Conference Vienna
EICEE Advisory Board Member
"It seems to me extremely important to consider the question of human dignity in connection with the maintenance of a totalitarian system or its failure. Because, this precisely is one of the main objectives of totalitarian regimes - to erode, to attack and to enchain human dignity. The resistance of this dignity is exactly what such regimes perceive as the real threat. Surprisingly, it cannot be calculated in numbers of weapons, bombs, soldiers or divisions, but in the power of reflection, the power of the spirit, and the awareness of human dignity."

"Years ago, we were probably among the most 'un-free' economies in the world. Estonian history has not been easy. In 1940, independent Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union. But we never gave up. We fought a partisan war for nearly ten years and continued to resist in other ways. As a result of mass deportations, Estonia lost one-third of its population. We fought the Cold War together, as brothers in arms with you, and we won it together. In 1991, the Empire of Evil ceased to exist." laar

Prime Minister Mart Laar

Neuwaldegg Conference Vienna

pipes "It can be argued that Russia's gravest problems are not economic&. Communism's most ruinous legacy lies in the moral and psychological sphere: economic failures appear as a consequence rather than the cause of Russia's current predicament&."

Dr. Richard Pipes from 'Remaking Russia'
The Baird Professor of History
Emeritus, at Harvard University

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