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"I have regained the feeling that it is possible to build a new country based on moral standards rather than degrading to a technocratic society that neglects everything that is related to philosophy, which is often regarded as something useless.”

Anar Ahmadov
Director of Institute of Politics, Khazar University
PhD cand. Political Science
Khazar University, Azerbaijan


“Only because of Neuwaldegg, have we been given the opportunity to extend friendships across borders. I find that to be one of the most valuable experiences.  At the Neuwaldegg conferences, everyone was treated equally important, and the experience and knowledge that I have gained from just one conference is priceless.”

Merim Kasumovic
Bosnia and Herzegovina

figel “I am leaving Vienna with the even stronger conviction, that contemporary democracy needs philosophical and moral justification.”

Elizbieta Cizewska
PhD student and lecturer
University of Warsaw, Poland

“The institute provides a wonderful opportunity for a wider and more complex view of the topics that are important in modern society.  By organizing conferences that are designed for the students from Central and Eastern Europe, the Neuwaldegg Institute is offering participants a chance to develop relationships with other young people from countries that share a common background and future goals.  These conferences have opened pathways for future collaboration in educational and social projects. Rather than making this education only available to an elite few, the Institute
promotes meritocracy by financially assisting students in need, who desire to broaden their cultural horizon.  The Neuwaldegg Institute captures my attention and interest because of its activities, its role in mediating cultural exchanges between students and academics, as well as between players in different regions of the world.”

Madalina Sucala

“I think the idea of these seminars is very good. It’s very helpful for the students from different countries, interested in different fields of study to come together at one place and exchange their experiences.”

Monika Florczak-Wator
School of Law, Jagiellonian University, Poland

“I like the work of the Neuwaldegg Institute because it has worldwide goals.
On the modern stage important tasks such as democratic development, the
protection of human rights and freedom and the restoration of justice, stand before any juridical state or civilized society as fruitful solutions; I consider these possible by international public coordination through an exchange of ideas and practice. 
These seminars will give representatives of Eastern and Western Europe the opportunity to meet with each other, present the tasks and goals of their states, and discuss optimal variants to solve them.  I am sure the Neuwaldegg seminars will leave tracks in corresponding states and will help develop democracy, the protection of human and civic rights and a row of other human wide values.”

Suren Garakyan

havel “I find the specific topics—building of positive character strength, forgiveness, interpersonal psychology and fatherhood—very brilliantly chosen, also because we are confronted with similar problems in post socialist countries”

Maria Glasova
Associate professor, Department of Psychology
Comenius University, Slovakia

“From my point of view it is quite difficult for generations, who have lived
under communism for decades, to change their ways of acting and
thinking to function more like a real democracy.  Therefore, the education of the younger generations, who are going to be the leaders of these countries in the near future, is crucial.
I think the Conferences and Seminars organized by the Neuwaldegg Institute are an exceptional forum where the most outstanding students and distinguished speakers can be found.”

Patricia González Aldea

“A proper understanding of essential problems of our reality and community will help me in solving legal problems and to interpret the law better. The field of justice, morality and ethics is important in supplying the laws.”

Marzena Grzelec
Lawyer, JD, Jagiellonian University, Poland

pipes “It was a very good opportunity to compare the situation of Estonia and other countries and societies, together we can provide solutions”

Kulliki Kubarsepp
A assistant of general secretary of the political party Pro Patria Union, Estonia. MA in political science at Tartu University, Estonia.

“This seminar will help me to give my students a lot of new information and to present to them the opinions of people from other CEE countries.”

Blaz Torkar, History
University of Lubijana, Slovenia

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