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The Neuwaldegg Institute promotes freedom through education in Central and Eastern Europe. Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, the challenge of securing newly gained freedoms in stable societies founded upon enduring principles and renewed cultures began. The Institute was founded in 2001 to support these efforts to build free, just and democratic societies throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Convinced that good ideas have powerful consequences for the future, the Neuwaldegg Institute offers a wide variety of educational opportunities to the future leaders of these societies. Conferences are organized at Schloss Neuwaldegg, the main conference center in Vienna, as well as seminars and short courses in leading universities throughout the region. Scholarships, internships, publications, and new technologies are also used to make the highest intellectual opportunities available to those willing to implement them within Central and Eastern Europe.

Recent topics treated include:

Rule of Law and Fundamentals of Legal Theory
History of Liberal and Conservative Political Thought
Transparency and Responsibility in Business
Human Dignity and the Failure of Communism
Challenges of New Technologies and Bioethics
Recent Developments in Psychology

Already hundreds of graduate students and young professionals have been awarded scholarships to study in Vienna. Many of the leading figures in the political, diplomatic, and cultural spheres have volunteered to use this unique forum to interact with the next generation. Their support has established the Neuwaldegg Institute as a leading force in building a better future.

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