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Humanitarian Relief Program

Education can take place in many ways. One of the most important is by concrete example. EICEE believes that theory alone cannot build solid, healthy societies; practical deeds are essential.

Countries in transition have many needs and crises. EICEE provides concrete aid in the area of social assistance and humanitarian relief with the goal of encouraging local efforts, thus building up the sense of solidarity, community responsibility and philanthropy in the region.

As part of improving the social order, EICEE is concerned with helping those with physical disabilities. We have undertaken to provide wheelchairs for people in need regardless of age, ethnicity, cause of disability or ability to pay.

Through the auspices of the Czech government, EICEE donated 750 wheelchairs to dozens of hospitals, veteran centers, nursing homes and children with physical disabilities.

This program not only succeeded to give the disabled individuals increased mobility and physical freedom. More importantly, the many thousands of persons involved in the distribution network are encouraged by the ability to participate in a great act of social solidarity.

The success of the program has led EICEE to seek extending this program to other countries throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

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