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Balkan Initiative

Recent tragic events in the Balkans - ethnic bloodshed and ensuing war crimes trials - provide dramatic evidence of the need to bolster moral, intellectual, and spiritual leadership in the vacuum created by the breakup of the Soviet Union. The Balkan Initiative of EICEE is an ambitious effort to put in place the means to achieve this goal. This project is one of the Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe's top priorities.

Preliminary steps taken

  • Hiring and training of Croatian leadership team

  • Research into sites to open a center of operations

  • Implementation of region specific curriculum

"The work of the Educational Initiative is extremely important; it directly clarifies things in peoples's mind. If I were a wealthy person in the West thinking where to put my money for a noble cause this would be on the top of my list.

I have participated in several EICEE conferences and I think people of good will and people concerned with the future of mankind should be giving this a close look."
Stephen Bartulica, Diplomat, Croation Foreign Ministry, former head speechwriter for the Minister of Foreign Affairs

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