How To Deep Clean Bathtub

how to deep clean bathtub

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step 2 scrub then use the broom to sweepscrub the soap around the tub the scrubbing action of the bristles and the greasecutting action of the dawn will help cut through the soap scum mildew and other residues that build up in your bathtub, scrub your sink at this point in the game its time to clean your sink to start with pour baking soda or vinegar down the drain and flush with plenty of pipinghot water then use disinfectant wipes to wipe down the faucet drain and surrounding area not only will this help get things sparkling clean

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how to remove mild stains sprinkle the tub with baking soda and spray on the vinegarandwater solution discussed above let the mixture bubble for several minutes then scrub with a soft cloth or sponge until a paste forms let the paste sit for 15 minutes then wipe and rinse, 19 genius tips to deep clean a bathroom ceiling and walls dirty ceiling fans dont remove humidity efficiently mirrors to reduce streaks when cleaning mirrors give them a quick dusting first toilet scour away toilet stains by turning the water off at the wall then flushing to empty