How To Move Heavy Furniture

how to move heavy furniture

Moving Heavy Furniture Upstairs

5 protect furniture and doorways theres a good chance youll scrape against or bump into a doorframe while maneuvering heavy furniture says dustin montgomery at moving blankets usa moving blankets can protect your furniture and door jamb protectors will protect your doorways he says 6 lighten the load

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the actual moving rollers sliders and trolleys lift each side of the furniture one by one and slide one of the sliders underneath push the furniture to the desired spot another option is to use a trolley or a roller broom handles or curtain rods can be used as rollers lift each side of the furniture and push the rollers underneath, having to move heavy furniture up or down stairs adds another layer of complexity to an already arduous task but theres not always going to be a way around it to move heavy furniture on stairs youre going to have to work with a partnerthis isnt something you want to attempt on your own, how to move large furniture easily by yourself get the equipment and packing supplies that you need as you are supplying yourself with the materials that you will need for the move apply the right moving technique dont lift up heavy items use sliders for your furniture instead of