How To Move Heavy Furniture

how to move heavy furniture how to move heavy furniture invest in furniture sliders 1 you can buy the sliders of appropriate size at your local hardware place your sliders under the corners of the furniture push the furniture once you have the sliders under the corners of the furniture you can begin use a , hook chairs around corners a large easy chair can be the opposite of easy to move follow the example of pro movers and hook large chairs around corners turn the chair on its side so it looks like an l and move it backfirst through the doorway then curl it hook it around the door frame and slip it through, how to lift and move heavy furniture always keep heavy household items close to your body and in relatively central position in relation to your body always keep your eyes in front of you

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whether that is the wardrobe drawers cabinets etc it will be lighter for you to move heavy furniture by yourself if the furniture is empty besides if there is something rattling inside it that could break or even worse cause the furniture to shift around and eventually fall over, moving furniture without injuring yourself or damaging your property from throwing your back out to knicking the hardwood getting rid of furniture can come with plenty of pitfalls but were here to help grab a few extra sets of hands and use these techniques to learn how to move heavy furniture as safely and damagefree as the professionals, have you ever needed to move a heavy piece of furniture but didnt have an extra set of hands today i share an easy solution for heavy liftingwithout actually lifting sometimes hardwood

how to move heavy furniture by yourself assess your furniture first of all start by assessing the shape weight remove the attached parts if youre doing the heavy lifting all by yourself the actual moving rollers sliders and trolleys kitchen appliances heavy kitchen appliances , to move heavy furniture on stairs youre going to have to work with a partnerthis isnt something you want to attempt on your own carry the item high and low meaning the person lower on the stairs carries the item from its bottom surface and the person higher on the stairs carries the item from its top surface, but it wasnt carried in by two heavy lifters in white gloves rather a 60some year old woman stood at the door and pointed us to the 35foot moving truck that contained the sevenfootlong solid teak beauty