Kitchen Has No Vent

kitchen has no vent

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not having a proper vent hood in a kitchen where someone cooks a lot is truly a terrible thing and people just accept it its polluting the inside and absolutely not healthy let alone making you kitchen grease covered over time if you can get her to use a bayou burner it will cut the greasy kitchen down by 23, in manhattan apartments unless you can vent your stove hood through a window you will most likely not be able to legally vent your kitchen hood to the outside

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no vent in kitchen sink drain doing a bit of work around the kitchen and noticed the sink drain has no vent it flows from the double sinks into a p trap then into a 90 making it essentially an s trap and straight down through the floor and into the main horizontal drain the main drain is horizontal in the basement and is on septic, thats assuming you dont have the kitchen in the middle of the house some stoves have vents built in by the burners but still doesnt vent to the outside if you have a window perhaps an exhaust fan you can put in when needed first thing i looked at when buying my house