The Shining 1980 Bathtub Scene

the shining 1980 bathtub scene classic nude scene from the movie the shining, the shining 1980 bathtub scene your favourite scene from the shining scary scene from the movie the shining 1980 i do not own the rights on this video comments rahman razz i see this in ready player one vikas sonker the boy looks like an uncle not at all handsome, related the shining the woman in 237 is one of the many elements of the shining 1980 that are intentionally left ambiguous by stanley kubrick but were explained in greater detail in the novelization the womans name is mrs massey and she was an older woman who came to the overlook to have an affair with a younger fellow

Interview With The Shinings Lia Beldam Dennis

the shining bathroom scene the shining famous bathroom scene jack nicholson 1980 stanley kubrick poster 14x17 3999 39 99 fjar8 bath curtain shining gold dressed trees with snow scene custom fabric shower curtain 48w x72hmerry christmas 1353 13 53, she played a very important scene in stanley kubricks the shining as the woman in room 237 and that seduces jack nicholson in the film after the film lia never got into acting fulltime as she was already modeling media mikes had a chance to track down lia and ask her a few questions about the film and reflecting on her role

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the shining 1980 whowhat was in room 237 i just saw the shining for first time in long time and there is once sequence i never understood the part wher jack goes in room 237 and sees first the young woman who turns into a rotting old hag chasing him out of the roomwhile she is chasing him out the camera cuts to the bathtub where she, the shining 1980 ahweve finally arrived at the most memorable and unsettling scene in stanley kubricks the shining kubricks eerie and escalating camera work is something not to be taken lightlythe room 237 scene where we see an increasingly demented jack torrance discover a woman in the bathtub is one of those eery and unsettling scenes, the shining is filled with scenes worthy of dissection one of those scenes is the famous room 237 scene with the woman in the bathtub the shining is a film beloved by film scholars and horror enthusiasts across the board