Using Bleach To Clean Bathtub

using bleach to clean bathtub how to clean a bathtub using bleach its a fungicide because it kills mold mildew and fungi and its also a disinfectant because it kills bacteria viruses and other germs this powerhouse cleaning agent can work wonders on conventional tubs as well as spa tubs and whirlpools but you should take some smart precautions before unscrewing a bleach bottle, if your bathtub is still grimy mix a paste of equal parts baking soda and bleach apply the paste to the grimy or discolored area wait at least 15 minutes then spray water on the paste and use a damp sponge to wipe the paste away moving your hand in a gentle circular motion dry the area with a towel, how do i clean a bathtub with bleach step 1 open a bathroom window to let fresh air in step 2 remove shampoo bottles soap dishes and other materials from around the tub step 3 rinse out the tub with water and place a stopper in the drain step 4 fill a spray bottle with equal amounts

Rust Stains In A Bathtubafter Using Cotton And Bleach

10 ways you should be cleaning with bleach in the bathroom remove mold and mildew use clorox clean up or a bleachwater solution whiten grout if your grout is just a shadow of its former bright white glory refresh shower curtains add 12 cup clorox bleach and 14 laundry detergent to , cleaning bathroom mold with bleach using bleach to clean bathroom mold is a straightforward solution to a common problem mold grows well in damp warm environments your bathroom provides a great habitat for the fungus if you do not keep it clean

after adding the bleach all you have to do is let the water and bleach solution soak in your tub for about 1015 minutes 7 time for draining let it all drain out this should be the most satisfying step to the process at this point your tub should be looking stain free shiny and white, current how to clean a bathtub shower how to clean a bathtub shower advice from our experts one prep remove bath mats and other items wipe the tub and tiles with a wet sponge pour ½ cup of clorox regularbleach 2 with cloromax into 1 gallon of water three wipe wipe the tub with bleach solution four wait wait 5 minutes , make sure you clean the residue of the bleach of the metal surfaces you can use ethanol or plenty of water to rinse your bathtub when you are using a septic tank it is not recommended to use bleach to unclog your bathtub drain the septic tank contains microorganisms that eat solid waste