Vieques Bathtub

vieques bathtub

Vieques XS Bathtub By Agape STYLEPARK

along with replacing the corner employ some elements contained in older homes for example the selection of fashionable sofa cushions wall hangings type popart or possibly a vase of vibrant bottles viequesviequesxs agape bathtubs 2 pick which may have variants of structure clean traces and bolder hues, vieques bath the vieques bath pays homage to the old tubs of past times it is a contemporary revisit to traditional bathtubs the bath features a robust steel design to ensure durability and also longevity additionally it features a matt white internal finish and white or dark grey exterior a teak shelf and backrest compliments this modern bathtub, vieques takes its name form a small and immaculate island in the caribbean sea a project that fascinates by the contrast between inspiration homage to the old tubs of past times in ready made style and the sophisticated realization, vieques tub steel tub with white finish on the inside and dark grey finish on the outside can be complemented by a teak shelf and backrest waste trap available in chrome or brushed chrome this is available for immediate purchase and shipping from dzine however this product is only available for purchase via telephone not online