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Activities 2005
Psychology in the 21st Century
Introduction for the 'Science of Being'
Contemporary Issues in Bioethics
Client Dignity and Rights
Fundamentals of the Philosophy of Law
Four Great Philosophers of Law
The Rule of Law: Basis of Political Stability
Foundations of Just and Equal Social Relations
China: European and American Democracies Face the Challenge
Faces Of Totalitarianism: Yesterday And Today
Church - State Relations In the Czech Republic
The World - Four Years After September 11th

Activities 2005

In addition to ongoing projects, the Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe is continuously organizing a wide variety of activities suited to particular circumstances.

These include courses, conferences, seminars and lectures as well as other one-time projects.

These initiatives take place both at our institutes and at locations throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

At left is a list of recent activities in 2005.

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