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Promoting the Integral Development of Children
d Population Implosion in Europe:
Catastrophy or Challenge?
Arts and Sciences Program

Promoting the Integral Development of Children
November 23-25, 2006
University of Ruzomberok (KUR), Slovakia

Conference Languages: CZECH and SLOVAK

The renowned specialist in Child Psychology, Doc. Jaroslav Sturma from Charles University, Prague, together with Doc. Maria Glasova from Commenius University, Bratislava, will examine the child as a person in the fullest sense of the word. The topics will include:

  • the effects on personality development of some widespread social phenomena such as high divorce rate,
  • excessive child care, mass media, one-child families, and organized sexual education
  • the child’s moral development
  • the role of virtue and passions
  • the natural tendency for the good
  • an analysis of human nature tincluding spiritual aspects

In the workshops the participants will examine ways of applying the
ideas discussed into the practical process of raising and educating children in actual circumstances.

Doc. Jaroslav Sturma is a world renowned specialist in learning disorders, earning him a place on numerous scholarly boards including the scientific council of the Psychological Institute in the Czech Republic, the International Study Group in Great Britain for Special Education Needs, and the scientific committee in Bratislava for the analysis of children's psychology and psycho-pathology.

A full-time professor of psychology at Charles University in Prague, Dr. Sturma is also the Chairman of the Czech and Moravian Psychological Association. His personal dedication to serving those in need is best exemplified by his role as founder and Director of the children's centre for mental and physical disabilities in Prague, named "Paprsek".

tri more about Doc. Jaroslav Sturma here

Doc.Maria Glasova is a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Department of Psychology and Pathopsychology, Comenius University of Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

After the so-called "Velvet Revolution" in 1989, Dr. Glasová came in contact with the work of Dr. Paul Vitz, professor of psychology at NYU and IPS Senior Scholar. His popular books, including Sigmund Freud´s 'Christian Unconscious and Psychology as Religion: The Cult of Self Worship' spurred her on to continue working toward the renewal of modern psychology. Her tour of America as a Fullbright scholar included three months at St. Louis University´s Center for Health Care Ethics and three months with the Institute of Psychological Sciences in Arlington, VA. (Research: on Children with Serious Somatic Disease in the Family: Psychological and Ethical Aspects)

tri  Please go here to register with the Insitute and apply for the conference online.

The deadline for conference applications is November 20th.

Lodging is NOT included.
If you need accomodation, please contact (before Nov 15th):

Ms. Jana D. Platenikova
The Neuwaldegg Institute
Phone: +43 (0) 1 485 9775

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