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AGORA Student Newspaper

In 2003, EICEE founded the leading Czech language student newspaper at Charls University in Prague. Now, in its third year, AGORA is making the hope for the rise of local independent media a reality. Its pages provide a vital forum for intellectual discussion among university students.

AGORA has expanded enormously since its inauguration at one location in Prague.

Now 12,000 copies are distributed monthly in over a dozen University cities throughout the Czech Republic and tree more cities in Slovakia. For the latest information, consult the newspaper's website

AGORA has proved to be an effective vehicle for students to participate in the intellectual dialogue of their institutions, providing them a forum for discussion and a voice for change. The newspaper has been instrumental in fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship and association within the often vast university communities. This practical exercise of the freedom of expression is a powerful way to educate generations of students for a more free and effective participation in society after graduation.

EICEE is actively seeking opportunities to initiate similar student papers in all of the countries of the Central and Eastern Europe.

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