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Activities 2008
v NATO Programme Security Through Science
v José Piñera/EICEE Bulgaria to Discuss Bulgarian Economics
v The Future of Conservative Politics
v 5+ Years of a War in Iraq
v Islam in Europe
v 90 Years of Czech Nation State: Was it Worth it?
v The Future of the EU and European Integration
v The Future of the EU and European Integration
f Russia Today
Neuwaldegg Institute Summer Seminar 2008
The International Leadership School
The Free Market Road Show

Thursday with Civic Institute

Discussion on Communism
Conference on 25th Anniversary of the Strategic Defense Initiative
Seminar on the Ratification of the Reform Treaty in the Czech Republic
90 years since the Communist takeover in Russia
Conference on the Future of Kosovo

Activities 2008

In addition to ongoing projects, the Educational Initiative for Central and Eastern Europe is continuously organizing a wide variety of activities suited to particular circumstances.

These include courses, conferences, seminars and lectures as well as other one-time projects.

These initiatives take place both at our institutes and at locations throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

At left is a list of recent activities in 2008.

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