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Activities 2006
dd Democracy and Multiculturalism
December 7-8, 2006
dd Promoting the Integral the Integral Development of Children
November 23-25, 2006

Exploring F. A. Hayek and The Road to Serfdom
November 16-19, 2006

230th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence/5th Anniversary of 9/11
September 2006
f Comparative Moral Reasoning
August 14-19, 2006
Fundamental Philosophical Concepts
August 14-19, 2006
Property and Freedom
May 21-23, 2006

Richard Pipes on Communism
May 21-23, 2006

The Foundations of Culture
May 2-5, 2006

Communism, values and politics
May 3, 2006

The Future of Free Taiwan
April 20, 2006
Latin America's shift to the left
April 13, 2006
Arts and Sciences Program

Fundamental Philosophical Concepts
August 14-19,2006
Dr. Sean Kelsey

Dr. Sean Kelsey, the professor of Fundamental Philosophical Concepts, obtained his doctorate in philosophy from Princeton University in 1997. An expert in ancient philosophy, he wrote his dissertation on Causation in Plato and Aristotle.

Soon after leaving Princeton, Dr. Kelsey was hired by one of the top ten philosophy departments in the United States at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA).

During this conference, Dr. Kelsey explored the perennial questions about man and his destiny in the universe, and his relation and duties to others and society.

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