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Youth, Education and Culture in the New Europe
Wisdom and Knowledge
The Existential Quest
Developing Economies with Human Capital
Basic Business Ethics: State and Subsidiarity
Frank S. Meyer: Speaking of Freedom
My Experience with Communism
Otto von Habsburg
Human Dignity and the Failure of Communism, Stephane Courtois
Human Dignity, Vaclav Havel
Europe of the 20th Century and Guidelines for the 21st
Wladyslaw Bartoszewski
Communism and the Human Person, Mart Laar
Solidarity Movement, Philosophy and Success, Lena Lipowicz
European Identity and the Free Movement of Persons
Dr. Roman Joch
Communism and Europe: Yesterday and Today
Jozsef Szajer
Law and Freedom in the Central EUropean Context
The Rule of Law and Free Society
Fifteen Years after the Velvet Revolution
New Perspectives On Free Society
Formulating a Foreign Policy for the West: a Conservative View
Population Implosion in Europe: Catastrophy or Challenge?
Arts and Sciences Program
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Wisdom and Knowledge
August 15-22, 2004
Dr. Gavin Colvert

The dangers of propaganda and the surpassing value of freedom of expression are illumined by a consideration of the roots of mans knowledge. EICEE hosted Dr. Gavin Colvert to address this facet of contemporary culture at the Neuwaldegg Institutes annual Summer Seminar. Over 60 graduate students from 14 countries of Central and Eastern Europe came to Castle Neuwaldegg, for the event.

The greatest numbers of participants were from Russia, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Armenia and Azerbaijan. All were recommended by the deans of their departments of which they represented a wide variety, including law, politics, business, and medicine.

Dr. Colvert is currently professor of philosophy at Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. He has also taught at Holy Cross College in the same town. His chief areas of interest are political philosophy and ethics.

Dr. Colvert earned his bachelors degree in Philosophy at Santa Clara University in 1987, and the following year he obtained a masters and later a doctorate degree in Philosophy at the University of Toronto.

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