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Dagmar Havlova

Former First Lady of the Czech Republic

Dagmar Havlova, the wife of Vaclav Havel, is the former First Lady of the Czech Republic.

In 1997, she founded the Vaclav and Dagmar Havel´s Vize'97 Foundation, which she continues to direct.

Vize'97 chiefly operates in the sphere of social care, healthcare, education and culture, though on occasion it organises or lends support to various activities in the area of human rights, while also seeking to respond to society's current needs.

Under the name Dasha Veskrnova, she is a renowned Czech actress on stage, film, and television. She has made over 50 films and 200 television appearances, winning numerous awards, and continues to act in support of charity.

Mrs. Havlova gives her patronage to many cultural and health projects, such as the Home of the Holy Family for mentally handicapped youth in Prague-Liboc and emergency housing for seniors.

The First Lady also supports many cultural efforts such as the National Library in Prague and the botanical garden which she founded at Lany Castle.

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